Sabtu, 13 Juni 2009

Amazing News !(only those that not school in witama)

I Think I Already Ever Published This "Buddha Boy Pitcure in Witama school at secondary I Mading Area
But Now it;s Real! Buddha Boy MEditating 3 years Wihout dringking or eating


awakentooneness (5 months ago)

2) the food takes cosmic energy and holds it for you until you eat the e food and absorb the energy. when you fast and meditate you cut out the middle man so to speak. you get the cosmic energy directly. western science does not even know this energy exists, so they think this is a host. i have personally fasted so i am speaking from experience.

1) for all of you doubters out there, let me ask you this question. where do you get the energy from? is it from your food? what is food? it is elements of the periodical chart yes. what are those elements? they are are atoms yes. what are atoms? subatomic particles yes. subatomic particles are comprised of nothingness yes. so then do you get your energy from food?


FROm Me::::
I'm Sorry to Buddha Boy I Think he;s Fake But I Hope He'll Be The next Buddha


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